Santiago Food Mart & Hand Wash

photo of Santiago Food Mart and Hand Wash near freeway signLocated on I-5 & 17th Street next to Guaranty Chevrolet, Santiago Food Mart and Hand Wash has been servicing our customers in Santa Ana since 1996. Family owned and operated, we are known for our quality control, your 100% satisfaction, and being committed to quality service and value. Being a family owned business allows us to adapt to the communities request on a daily basis. We appreciate our customers input on what they would like to see in our store to help make our corner a higher quality place of business.

Photo Manny & SantiagoMost of our team here at Santiago Food Mart and Hand Wash have been working for us for over 15 years. Our managers Manny Alonso and Santiago Mondragon have been with us for over 18 years and are always happy to assist you. If there is something you need, please don’t hesitate to ask.